About Sydney

Vision / Mission / Values


We Inspire curiosity, independence and a life-long of learning to help our children become contributing members of our community and world.


In a nurturing and play-based environment, our curriculum build's children's self esteem and problem solving skills. while fostering respect for themselves and others.


Child-focused / whole-child / Development / professionalism / Accessibility / transparency / sustainable / community

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Academic Curriculum

The school's specific academic objectives will be significant value added academic performances. It will also allow each student to develop the key for better world attributes through a balance of foundation studies and the Integrated programme.

In sydney international school you will help your child master important academic skills.  As they continue to develop in reading, writing and math, you can add excitement and variety to their homeschool lessons with science and social studies. 

Language Arts – The reading process in sydney international school builds crucial language skills in reading, spelling and writing in a variety of ways.  Your child will practice working with letters and their sounds, while taking the first steps to become independent readers. 

Math – Your sydney international schoolr will connect math to the real world by learning how to tell time, count money, measure, get a feel for shapes and patterns, and begin adding and subtracting. 

Science – Exploration, investigation and fun all blend in learning science.  First-graders are encouraged to use all their senses, observe and then ask questions, and begin to record and talk about the exciting things they are experiencing.

Social Studies – Social studies expands the world beyond your home and immediate community.  Your child will learn about maps, states, countries, U.S. History, and the rights and responsibilities of citizens. 
Integrated programme Pearson mypedia books

Kindergarten Programme

At Sydney, the emphasis is placed on the development of a positive self concept, appropriate socialization and readiness skills. The foundations are laid for a happy and successful school experience. Fundamental skills in Reading and Mathematics are taught in an active, stimulating and accepting environment.

Junior Programme

Curriculum for students in Grades 1 through 5 emphasizes basic skills in all subject areas, and introduces higher level skills to challenge students and stimulate their interests. The curriculum fosters the concept that learning will be enjoyable and rewarding throughout student's lives. The Sydney primary school provides a holistic programme and a comfortable environment, where children develop physically, morally, intellectually, socially and emotionally. The curriculum in Mathematics and English Language is based on Cambridge International Primary Programme (CIPP) for Grades 1 to 5, while Science, Social Science are designed to foster knowledge and understanding in our young learners.

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Facilities @ SIS

The school is scientifically planned, artistically designed and well constructed to groom the global citizens. The ultra modern campus is a synthesis of an architectural marvel and technological advancements for the smooth and quality administration and transparent functioning of the school. The school has well equipped Science, Math, Language and Computer Labs. A well stocked library, along with rooms for Performing arts, Audio-Visual centres, a Multi purpose hall and Sports and Play areas with a Basket ball court, skating rink, an indoor gym, an infirmary and a learning resource centre.

The school also has a well maintained fleet of high tech buses with latest communication devices.

The classrooms are equipped with modern technological inputs for interactive teaching.

The school is constantly monitored under CCTV surveillance system.

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